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In the year 1982, the founders started off in the timber industry under the name Tanah Emas Telupid Sdn Bhd. After 4 years in the timber industry, out of concern for the environment, they decided to venture into a greener and more sustainable industry, hence, they decided to move into oil palm plantation in 1986.


10 years later into cultivating oil palm, processing crude palm oil and palm kernel, the company was listed on the 2nd board of Bursa Malaysia under the name Tanah Emas Corporation Berhad.

The founders persevered and as a result, in 2009, Tanah Emas Corporation Berhad was listed in the Main Board of Bursa Malaysia under a new name, Golden Land Berhad. Growing from the name was a new logo to encapsulate the G.R.E.A.T values that drove them for the past 27 years.

Today, after 36 amazing years, the founders saw an opportunity to bring the caring and nurturing plantation values into the property industry, enabling them to provide services to a larger group of the community. As a natural extension to the plantation industry, they strongly believe that their great concern for people and the environment will drive them to deliver quality products and services.

We want to practice what years in plantation has taught us, as we develop C.A.R.E. values in property, ensuring we put in all our caring and nurturing attitude in every brick. In order to achieve this, the founders made an effort to find the right leaders that shared their vision and are equally driven to achieve the company goals. Furthermore, we looked to some of the best architects and design consultants to work with even from the early stages to ensure the design is functional and practical. 

Now, with the right team, GOLDENLAND is committed to creating a brand that wants to share its quality and CARE to the nation. Adopting the new brand name GOLDENLAND, we will continue moving forward with a tagline that best describes us and our works; “Great Care in All We Do”.

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To be a leading property developer in redefining lifestyle

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We seek to develop high quality, trend setting properties with impeccable customer experience while behaving responsibly towards the sustenance and preservation of environment. We are also mindful of fulfilling our stakeholders’ interests

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Committed To Quality and Services

We are committed to the quality of our work, services and the people who utilize our products and services.

Attentive To Details

We are attentive to the things that matters and to the little things that makes our own personal space.

Reliable To The Community

We C.A.R.E. about our reliability as a developer and as a responsible corporate entity and ensure our projects are completed in a timely manner and to a proper standard.

Engaging To Everyone

We strive to engage with every one of our people to ensure we are doing the best we can by listening to them.

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